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2023 Highlights

In a year marked by devastating conflicts and global economic turbulence, 2023 has been a period of reflection, emphasising the vital role of art in offering hope and connection during challenging times.

We've been particularly committed to supporting artists and strengthening the art community through events, collaborations, and partnerships this year, and we’re incredibly grateful for the amazing people we've met and collaborated with. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey! We want to take a moment to revisit some highlights from 2023.

Love Terins at her studio. Photo: Christian von Hanno

Editions, events and exhibitions

It's been a truly exciting year filled with exhibitions and the release of new Editions, in collaboration with many amazing artists. Many of the artists we collaborate with are exploring screen printing for the first time, making our partnership with Fellesverkstedet in Oslo invaluable. Read our article about Editions.​

From the opening of LUX by Paul Hellsegg and our Christmas gathering in collaboration with AWAN and 657 Oslo in December.

While we enjoyed our time in the temporary exhibition space at Tullinløkka, we're very excited about our new art space in VIA, where we will continue with events and exhibitions in 2024!

Art recommendations

Several art enthusiasts have recommended art and artists this year, including art advisor Ellen Marie Fodstad, curator Monica Holmen, producer and curator Kristine Wessel, artist Bjørn Båsen, color and interior designer Thea Amundsen, serial entrepreneur Murshid M. Ali, and artist Jan Erichsen.

To highlight how communicates to each of us in unique ways, we reached out to 24 art enthusiasts from our community in december, inviting them to recommend an artwork on Atelie accompanied by a few sentences about their personal connection with the artwork. See all the recommendations.

Murshid M. Ali in his livingroom. Artworks by Yola Maria Tsolis and Georg Óskar. Photo: Christian von Hanno

Partnerships and new services

Alongside the fruitful and longstanding collaborations with Oslo Open and B-open, we also initiated a new exciting collaboration with Open Studios Stavanger Sandnes.

Kari offers advisory services for individuals and businesses. Photo: Åsmund Holien Mo

In addition to now being able to book an art chat with Kari, we've launched L'eie, where you can rent an artwork until you eventually own the piece, and also updated our art leasing and advisory services for businesses. We're also very fortunate to have Jan Christensen join our board (read more).

Behind the scenes

While our art projects and events often capture the spotlight, there's also been significant activity behind the scenes. We’ve made several updates to our platform and launched new apps for Android and iOS, now featuring support for the Euro and English language, which has laid a strong foundation for further growth.

We're excited about the future and eager to continue our growth, explore new partnerships, and further support the vibrant art community, striving to make art more accessible. Thank you for your continued support!

Christian & Kari wishes you all the best for 2024!

The Atelie team wishes you all the best for 2024!

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