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Henrik Mikkelsgård on His Artistic Journey and New Edition Series "Nes"

Henrik Mikkelsgård

In the world of contemporary art, few artists bridge the gap between urban influences and the serenity of nature as effectively as Henrik Mikkelsgård. Having transitioned from the city of Oslo to the serene landscapes of Sogndal, Henrik’s journey is a testament to the myriad inspirations that shape an artist. In our conversation with him, he delves into his background, the role of environment in art, and the captivating process behind his new series "Nes".

"Nes" is available for purchase here

What is your background, and what inspired you to become an artist?

Growing up in environments centered around skateboarding and snowboarding, I was constantly exposed to visual arts in the form of magazines, photos and films. Being shaped by such environments from an early age has been crucial for me. Ever since we were kids, we've expressed ourselves through videos, pictures, music, and clothing. I remain deeply interested in all these mediums, and over the years, my engagement has expanded into various other areas. The urge to explore, experience, and learn is as strong as ever. Expressing myself has always been there, taking different forms. For the past decade, visual art, especially painting, has been the main focus.

How does life as an artist in Sogndal compare to Oslo?

The experiences have been quite varied, but foremost, it's been liberating. Something genuinely clicked when I found more space and time here. It felt safer to follow my intentions without excessive influence and external pressures. It's a double-edged sword. While I've missed being close to the city and "where things happen," there's a lot that unfolds in solitude. Moreover, nature has carved a much more significant space in my art.

Nes #2 by Henrik Mikkelsgård, 57x67cm, 7900kr incl. frame with Artglass

Could you tell us a bit about the motif and the process behind your work?

The motif showcases a headland extending into a fjord. In norway we call this a "Nes". The colors reflect different seasons and the play of light on the landscape - it's a study of the scenery, if you will. The actual piece is a silkscreen print, later hand-colored with oil pastels. This process transformed eight identical prints into unique pieces for a series I named "Nes".

How has your experience been working with the motif as a silkscreen?

Continuously working with the same motif has paved the way for fresh ideas. I love how the colors can alter the motif without affecting its shape too much. The more I delved into it, the more intriguing it became. The same design was reborn in entirely new ways multiple times. There's more to explore in this realm, and I'm sure this won't be the last time I approach art this way.

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"Nes" is available for purchase here

Henrik Mikkelsgård has gained recognition through his unique artistic expression. Over the past year, he has held several solo exhibitions, including venues like Hos Arne and Kösk. His work often captivates viewers with its uninhibited creativity and distinctive style, making him a noteworthy figure in the contemporary art scene.

In our new showroom in VIA Vika you can also experience a number of Mikkelsgård´s latest paintings. Henrik Mikkelsgård's artistry is characterized by its free form and vibrant use of colour. He approaches storytelling with an almost naive sensibility, creating visually engaging narratives.

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