Welcome to our gallery in Via Vika - Atelie

Welcome to our gallery in Via Vika

Atelie's art space in Ruseløkkveien 30 in Oslo

Since opening in Via Vika last September, our gallery has evolved into a meeting point for the art and startup communities.

Atelie Gallery is located in Via Vika, Ruseløkkveien 30 in Oslo

A Hub for Creativity and Connection

Located just across from the National Museum, our space serves as a hub for exhibitions, meet-ups, workshops, and art talks. This environment nurtures a community where artists and art enthusiasts can meet, connect, and find inspiration. View a selection of artworks that are on display in our gallery here.

We've hosted numerous exhibitions and events, creating opportunities for artists to share their work with a wide and diverse audience.

From our exhinition opening and startup event last year

Introdusing Our New Popup Gallery

We're excited to unveil our new popup gallery, conveniently situated right next door. Flooded with natural light from its large windows and offering a spectacular view of the National Museum, this addition underscores our dedication to making art more accessible and fostering strong community connections.

Our new popup gallery space in Via Vika

Visit Us and Experience Art Firsthand

Atelie is dedicated to bringing people together, fostering the growth of our vibrant community, and creating more opportunities for artists.

You are all warmly invited to visit our new art space to experience a wide range of art from selected artists in person.

Atelie founder and CEO, Christian von Hanno

We're open weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00. For visits outside these hours, get in touch: hello@atelie.art / 92445951

We’re also open to collaborations on events, so get in touch if you’re interested or have ideas.

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View a selection of artworks in our gallery


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