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Atelie's Art Calendar 2023

Hege Golf looking at Sketches of a tapestry (reklame) by Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Welcome to our Art Calendar! Each day leading up to Christmas, we will unveil a unique artwork recommended by a special guest from our community!

December 1st
Anders Baasmo Christiansen

First up is the award-winning actor Anders Baasmo Christiansen, who is currently starring as the former Norwegian Prime Minister Odvar Nordli in the critically acclaimed NRK series, Makta. Anders' recommendation is Repeat What You Like 1 by Maria Brinch

Repeat What You Like 1 by Maria Brinch

“I immediately liked this. And when I saw that it was Maria Brinch - our eminent costume designer for the series 'Makta' - who was behind it, I had no doubt. Maria is a strong and inspiring artist I look forward to seeing more from. Merry Christmas!” - Anders Baasmo Christiansen

View more artworks by Maria Brinch

December 2nd
Kristin Grue

Today the talented Kristin Grue is sharing her recommendation for our art calendar! Kristin is an actor, writer, and one of the makers of the critically acclaimed NRK series, Makta. Her recommendation is Sprekkeropp by Henrik Mikkelsgård.

Sprekkeropp, canvas with homemade pine frame, 40x50cm by Henrik Mikkelsgård

“This image immediately drew me in. The blues and the shades are incredibly beautiful and very pleasant to rest your eyes on. The use of colors in what I perceive as a landscape makes me calm. At the same time, the image evokes emotions in me - it hit me in the solar plexus - for they gave me a sense of how vulnerable love is. How it, just like an ice-blue glacier, can so easily crack.” -Kristin Grue

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December 3rd
Lars Andernach Fredriksen

Today the great musician, vocalist and culinary enthusiast Lars Andernach Fredriksen is sharing his art recommendation. Lars is known for his great performances in Oslo Gospel Choir and also has a popular food blog His recommendation is this beautiful untitled photography by Ole Brodersen.

Untitled photography, 56x44cm, by Ole Brodersen

«I admire these almost graphic photographs by Ole Brodersen. In many ways, he carries with him a part of the legacy of Kåre Kivijärvi in his simple, raw, and almost brutal images of the sea.» - Lars Andernach Fredriksen

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December 4th
André Gali

Today’s art recommendation comes from André Gali, a noteworthy figure in the contemporary art scene, known for co-founding the legendary Galiblogg and Kunstforum, and currently working at KORO. André's recommendation is «Gjennom hundre millioner av år, rødt» by Calina Pandele Yttredal.

Yttredal Gjennom hundre millioner av år, rødt, 33 × 27cm, Calina Pandele Yttredal

“I would like to highlight the print ‘Through a Hundred Million Years’ by Calina Pandele Yttredal. I’ve had the pleasure of working a bit with Pandele Yttredal in recent years and have been fascinated by her prints, drawings, and paintings. These works thematically address the ecological crisis we are in, depicted with a sensitivity to geological and ecological time, the richness of the ecosystem, and the threat that human lifestyle can pose to other species. In this print, we see a turtle swimming through a red sea, a motif that can be interpreted both symbolically and surrealistically.

I find the color palette in the image very beautiful and distinctive, a characteristic of many of Pandele Yttredal’s works. The title and motif make me think of slow time and the evolution of species, but also of the turtle as a mythological animal. The turtle is known to live long, and in the mythology of North American indigenous peoples, it is associated with a creation myth about the world’s origin. Turtle Island is used by American indigenous people and advocates for indigenous rights and the environment as a name for North America, referring to this myth." - André Gali

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December 5th
Sara Khorami

The award winning actress Sara Khorami is giving you today’s art recommendation, which is this beautiful untitled oil painting by Roghieh Asgari Torvund.

Untitled oil painting, 195×200cm by Roghieh Asgari Torvund

“I was drawn in and experienced an immediate sense of transformation that I really liked.” - Sara Khorami

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December 6th
Simon Stranger

The celebrated author Simon Stranger brings you today's recommendation. Simon's works have been translated into multiple languages, and his literary talent has been recognized with several awards, most notably receiving the prestigious Bokhandlerprisen in 2018. His recommendation is the photograph Tøyenbadet by Jenny Hviding.

"Jenny Hviding's photograph from Tøyenbadet sends thoughts to a war zone, with collapsed and destroyed concrete buildings. Then one recognizes the room. Tøyenbadet, with the smell of chlorine, with shouting children, splashing that is now silenced and then: These coiling of destroyed plastic slides, which can remind one of the inside of crushed snail shells from childhood. A nice artwork.” - Simon Stranger

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December 7th
Melissa Hegge

Todays art recommendation comes from the Melissa Hegge, a talented interior and architecture photographer, and art enthusiast! She recommends Landscapes of the Psyche by Mara Sola

Landscapes of the Psyche, oil painting, 30×30 cm, 8 925kr

"I have many beautiful artworks saved under favorites in the Atelie app. But what tops my wish list are definitely the oil paintings from Mara Sola. The abstract, dreamy landscapes really appeal to me." - Melissa Hegge

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December 8th

@kunst_jeg_liker is a popular Instagram account by an art lover for art lovers, and is giving you today’s recommendation, the artist book Solaris by Bjørn Bjarre.

Artist book, 25 drawings from The Solaris Series with an essay by Kjetil Røed. Published by Teknisk Industri.

“I want to recommend Bjørn Bjarre's book, Solaris. Make a good cup of coffee. Take out a magnifying glass and travel into Bjarre's world. This is for me some of the finest in drawing art.”

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December 9th
Sondre Lerche

The great songwriter and musician Sondre Lerche, is bringing you today's art recommendation, Wait study 3 by Amina Sahan.

Wait study 3, painting, 60×50cm, kr 6300 / € 547

“Even in the smallest format, like a tiny digital rectangle on my mobile phone, this image made an immediate impression. It was as if it drew me into it, in full size, where I could feel the situation and colors breathing down my neck. This is my first encounter with Amina Sahan's art, and I am grateful to the Atelie app!” - Sondre Lerche

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December 10th
Jan Christensen

Today’s recommendation comes from the talented artist Jan Christensen! Jan is based Berlin and Oslo, and has a versatile artistic practice that includes painting, installation, sculpture, and photography. In addition, he is a valued member of the board of Atelie.

Tammo Rist - Falun Gong, 52×72cm, 2015, kr 19 950

«Tammo Rist’s artwork, «Falun Gong» from 2015, is a very powerful political piece. It consists of the artist’s worn-out tank top stretched over a canvas, serving as a commentary on both appropriation, ready-made art, and as a remark on the canvas frame as an artistic framework. Visually, it is not more complicated than seeing a worn Falun Gong print on the fabric, but it stands out as an important reminder of the brutal suppression of religious organizations by Chinese authorities, specifically Falun Gong, but also Muslim minorities, and freedom of expression in general. It also addresses the contentious takeover of Hong Kong in recent years and the ongoing threat to Taiwan. Artworks like this one by Tammo Rist feel even more important than ever. It doesn’t bode well for the holiday spirit, but it is a very significant piece in the advent calendar.»

View more works on Tammo Rist's Atelie profile

December 11th
Thea Sofie Loch Næss

Today’s art recommendation comes from the talented actress Thea Sofie Loch Næss, celebrated for her compelling and vibrant performances in a variety of movies and series, who also has a passion for visual art!

Matilda Höög - Fra Trafo, 29x43cm, 2023, kr 9 450

“I am a big fan of Matilda, and was immediately drawn to this work. The materials and colors - it radiates both warmth and coolness at the same time, and the mood I get from this work is one I would like to have in my own living room (which is not far from Trafo!).” - Thea Sofie Loch Næss

View more artworks on Matilda Höög's Atelie profile

December 12th
Kari Ane Golf

Today’s recommendation is brought to you by our very own communication manager, Kari Ane Golf. Kari brings over 20 years of experience in the art field and has previously worked as a gallery manager at LNM Gallery and as a communications manager at Astrup Fearnley Museum.

Marthe Elise Stramrud - Disse Blomstene Visner Aldri (no 25), photograph, kr 17 850 48×60cm,

“For me, the work has a beautiful and pure melancholy about it. It allows me to rest in the simple, clean forms and textures, which still open up a wide range of memories and thoughts.” - Kari Ane Golf

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December 13th
Ingeborg Marie Mohn

Today’s art recommendation comes from the talented musician, songwriter and member of the popular band No.4, Ingeborg Marie Mohn!

Kristen Keegan - Piecing iv, 2022, Dye on silk painting with nylon rope, 200×60cm

«This artwork was incredibly cool and beautiful! Love the fresh colors!»

- Ingeborg Marie Mohn!

See more artworks by Kristen Keegan on her Atelie profile

December 14th
Fredrik Fernando Austad

The talented writer, photographer, art director, and entrepreneur Fredrik Fernando Austad is giving you today’s art recommendation!

Halfdan Eskil von Hanno Bast Sørum - Uti vår hage (ung gutt), 2020, photograph and silk screen print collage, 16×23cm, kr 4 725

“I can appreciate beautiful photographs in montages, and preferably in smaller formats. «Uti vår hage (ung gutt)” has a composition that brings me peace, and at the same time, the colors give me a lift. I had not heard of the photographer before, but I instinctively liked the work. Is he on his way up, who is he looking at, it feels a bit like a rebellious act? As if he’s running from something, perhaps responsibility awaits further down?” - Fredrik Fernando Austad

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December 15th
Ellen Marie Fodstad

Today’s recommendation comes from Ellen Marie Fodstad, art advisor in Bærum Municipality, where she is responsible for art in public spaces and management of a large collection. She previously worked in various roles at the National Museum, KORO and Hennie Onstad.

Jens Jørgen Krogsveen - Norske strømpriser, 2022, photograph, 50x70cm, kr 6 300

«It is a playful and humorous work, and it takes me back to a time when electricity prices were our main topic of conversation. It seems refreshingly naive in these difficult times when the world is on fire.» - Ellen Marie Fodstad

View more art by Jens Jørgen Krogsveen

December 16th
Margrethe Schmidt Hegnar

Today’s art recommendation is brought to you by Margrethe Schmidt Hegnar, journalist at Finansavisen and co-host of the popular art podcast «Kunstpraten»!

Andrea Scholze, Innsikten fra Utsiden, 2022, hand colored silkscreen print, 78x112cm, 5500kr

"I've developed a deep appreciation for Andrea Scholze's unique creatures, which she has worked on for several years. She creates them both as sculptures and silkscreen prints, like this artwork. Is it an ape? A monster? Or a human? They are mysterious and rough in expression – and something I would like to have on my wall at home." - Margrethe Schmidt Hegnar

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December 17th
Andrés Valle-Kløvstad

The skilled stylist and art collector Andrés Valle-Kløvstad presents today’s art recommendation!

Esra Duzen - Metamorphosis, 29×42cm, Series of 12 drawings as part of an exhibition "Læner mig ømt mod natten" at Tegnerforbundet, March 2022

“I loved the playful and grotesque. But at the same time, the symmetry gives me a bit of peace. It is a work you can look at over and over again and see new perspectives each time. A wonderful collection of works.” - Andrés Valle-Kløvstad

View more art by Esra Duzen

December 18th
Kimberly Larsen

Today’s recommendation is presented by serial entrepreneur and art enthusiast Kimberly Larsen, who also happens to be one of Atelie’s board members!

Javier Barrios - Golden Age, 2023, Screen print on paper with paint on plexiglass, 42×59 cm

“Every now and then, you might come across art that draws you into a universe of its own, which you would prefer to stay in if you could. It was like that from the first time I saw the art of Javier Barrios.

In addition to this piece, I have a 2x2M painting at home, which always becomes a topic of conversation when we have guests, or when I use it as a background for video meetings.

In the works of Javier, I see something new every time I look at it. Truly an artist I love and recommend.” -
Kimberly Larsen

Read more about Javier Barrios’ and his Edition series

December 19th
Katja van Etten Jarem

Katja van Etten Jarem gives you today’s recommendation! Katja is a curator based in Oslo. She is currently appointed as the director of Trafo Kunsthall in Asker. She is also the owner and director of Van Etten Gallery in Oslo.

Solveig Aaberg - Continuum #056, 2020, 24×20cm

"This work is part of a series of one hundred handwoven miniatures titled Continuum. I am fascinated by Aalberg’s way of working with the loom’s specific construction of horizontal and vertical lines. Aalberg manages to work in a range between defined form and intuitive elements. This she explores through the loom’s strict construction, which constantly alternates between the unsystematic and the organized. I find that the individual miniatures have an insistent character, which is both restrained and extensive." - Katja van Etten Jarem

View more art by Solveig Aaberg

December 20th
Christian von Hanno

Todays recommendation comes from co-founder and daily manager of Atelie, Christian von Hanno!

JINX by Are Mokkelbost & André Tehrani, four color silk screen print 50x70cm, 4500kr

“JINX is what I consider to be a hidden treasure on Atelie. This four color screen print is a result of a unique collaboration between two of my favourite artists, Are Mokkelbost and André Tehrani. Their process, inspired by the ‘exquisite corpse’ approach, evolved through a vibrant exchange of ideas and patterns, and resulted in a distinctive fusion of systematic precision with intuitive creativity” - Christian von Hanno

Read our interview with Are & André

December 21st
Christina Skreiberg

oday’s art recommendation comes from journalist Christina Skreiberg who runs Frilandslivet, a podcast and platform for people who work in the creative industry. Christina also runs @lysloypa, a dining, culture, and experience guide to independent and unique places in Oslo. With Lysløypa, you discover unique places you (most likely) didn’t know about and get a pleasant discount at each location. Yay!

Johanne Teigen - Cityscape, 1/1 photography, 50×70cm

"When I stumbled upon Johanne Teigen’s scarves a few years back, I completely fell in love. They are so beautiful! And now she also makes works that you can hang on your wall! I really like the process behind it: Johanne takes pictures of what anthropologist Marc Augé refers to as ‘non-places’: transient places where people pass without either feeling or forming a relation to the place. Johanne transforms these images by editing them, and then printing them out into 2D and 3D works. The process is the same whether the work is printed on a silk scarf or on photo paper. I love the play of colors, the combinations of colors, and the expression, which one can never quite pinpoint. And I like that!" - Christina Skreiberg

VIew more art by Johanne Teigen

December 22nd
Dagny Thurmann-Moe

Dagny Thurmann-Moe ( @farge_dagny ) brings you today’s art recommendation! As the founder and art director at KOI Color Studio, and a prominent figure in the design, interior and architecture space, Dagny integrates her passion for art into all her projects, showcasing her unique perspective and expertise in the field.

Elin Reboli Melberg - Utprøving - prøver å finne veien II, 52×60cm, 18900kr

“Elin is a very skilled textile artist, and I find her large weavings very impressive. I see the influence from Frida Hansen, whom I have been a bit obsessed with for a long time. ‘Utprøving - prøver å finne veien II’ has a wildly beautiful composition of colors, which of course is very attractive to me, but there is also something about the execution and tactility that makes me want to touch the work and feel the surfaces (which of course also feels a bit forbidden). The colors are plant-dyed, which also shows both how enormously beautiful colors and shades we can achieve with plant colors, and the potential in using natural pigmentation instead of chemical dyeing, something which is inspiring to me in my work. I would love to have this on my wall at home!” - Dagny Thurmann-Moe

VIew more art by Elin Melberg

December 23rd
Mattis Herman Nyquist

Today’s art recommendation comes from Mattis Herman Nyquist! Mattis Herman has an extensive and varied career in acting, directing, and writing, covering both movies and theater, and was recently recognized for his captivating portrayal of Edvard Munch in the critically acclaimed film “Munch”.

Jens Jørgen Krogsveen - Sommer på Bekkevika

“I am highly biased in this matter. But I have a soft spot for my old classmate Jens Jørgen Krogsveen. As a person, musician, and visual artist. There is something serene and immediate in his work that subtly points to something in me when I see his pictures.” - Mattis Herman Nyquist

View more art by Jens Jørgen Krogsveen

December 24th
Mímir Kristjánsson

The final recommendation for this year’s art calendar comes from the versatile politician, journalist, and author Mímir Kristjánsson! His multifaceted career reflects a deep commitment to public service and societal issues.

Arne Ekeland, Frihetens søstre II, 1937, olje på lerret, 290x529cm. Photo: Stortinget

«This painting is one I walk past every day at the Norwegian Parliament. It’s painted by the communist Arne Ekeland, and reminds me that politics is about more than just money and cents. Some might criticize the painting for being a bit ‘unwoke’, but for my part, I see nothing in it other than the dream of a realm of freedom for all people.» Mímir Kristjánsson

Read more about Arne Ekeland’s painting here.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to our art calendar this year.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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