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Murshid M. Ali on Entrepreneurship and Art

Murshid in his livingroom. Artworks by Yola Maria Tsolis and Georg Óskar. Foto: Christian von Hanno

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Murshid M. Ali at his home, exploring the harmonious relationship between his entrepreneurial journey and passion for art. As a distinguished figure in Norway’s tech industry and an avid art collector, Murshid generously shared insights from his journey and offered personal art recommendations.

Murshid M. Ali is a well-known entrepreneur that has founded several tech companies such as Skyfri, Huddlestock, and Norsk Solar, making him a respected figure in Norway’s business world. Murshid actively gives back by investing in startups, including Atelie. His extensive academic background, featuring a PhD in economics and management from the University of Stavanger, complements his vast practical experience.

A Life Enriched with Art

Together with his wife and two children, Murshid lives in a beautiful home in Oslo, with a diverse collection of artworks from both renowned and emerging artists. His relationship with art began in 2010 in Abuja, Nigeria, evolving to support a myriad of Norwegian and international artists.

“Waking up and living in a home filled with beautiful art is a true blessing, and I am fortunate and grateful to be able to do that. It gives that little extra spark to an everyday busy life as an entrepreneur” Murshid reflects on the intersection of art and his daily life.

Artwork by Pablo Picasso

When discussing the symbiotic nature of collecting art and entrepreneurship, Murshid eloquently observes, “Entrepreneurs and artists alike strive to create something unprecedented, driven by determination, ambition, and, to an extent, ego. Both journeys involve achieving the exceptional.”

Achieving the Impossible

In his recent book, Å gjøre det umulige - kunsten å bygge et teknologiselskap (Achieving the Impossible - The Art of Building a Technology Company) Murshid encapsulates his passion for both art and entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the spirit necessary for success. “Never give up. Just keep going. All the greatest kept going and were eventually accepted and acknowledged by society”, suggesting that the book will not only benefit aspiring entrepreneurs but also artists seeking to make their mark.

Murshid’s commitment to art is further demonstrated by his investment in Atelie. “Art has gone from being one of the most innovative industries (if I may call it that), to becoming one of the most conservative. Many people feel that buying unique pieces of art is only for the rich, so it should be made much more accessible for people. This is exactly what Atelie is offering, and I am happy to support that effort.” Murshid expresses.

Artwork by Martine Poppe, oil on polyester restoration fabric, 2021

Murshid’s Art Recommendations

Murshid kindly shares a few of his personal recommendations for those exploring the diverse collection of artists and artworks in Atelie:

Anastína Eyjólfsdóttir, Sunset Boulevard, 50×70, 2022

Yola Maria Tsolis, To All My Lovers With Escape Plans, 2021

Jenny Hviding, H20, Water, 2020

Murshid's story is an inspiring example of the close connection between the worlds of art and entrepreneurship. With the support of forward-thinkers like Murshid, Atelie continues to work hard to make art more accessible to everyone, building a community where art is valued and easily available.

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