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Unleashing Creativity: The Impact of Art in the Workspace

Artist Vigdis Fjellheim talking about her artistry at Trigger

Ever walked into an office and seen a colorful painting or a cool sculpture? It turns out, art does more than just make the place look nice! It can make us think better, feel less stressed, and work together more easily. Let’s dive into how having art around can really perk up the place where we work!

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Thinking Outside the Box

Art gets our creative juices flowing! A study in 2008 found that being around art helps people come up with new ideas and solve problems better. So, having art around could mean more “Aha!” moments at work!

From the left, artist Vigdis Fjellheim, Christian von Hanno and Bente Kvam

Feeling Good and Staying Calm

Work can be stressful, but art can help us chill out. A study done by the University of Westminster in 2017 showed that people felt way more relaxed after spending their lunch break at an art gallery. Imagine having that calming effect right in the office!

Happy Workers, Better Work

When people like their workspace, they enjoy their job more and get more done. A study by the Business Committee for the Arts found that having art in the office made workers 32% more productive! That’s a big boost just from enjoying some art!

Talking and Teaming Up

Art isn’t just nice to look at; it gives us something to talk about and brings us together. A 2010 study showed that art helps people communicate and work together better. More art could mean more teamwork!

Staying Focused

Looking at art can help us feel balanced and focused. A big study found that engaging with art improved people’s moods and helped them concentrate. That’s pretty handy when there’s a lot of work to do!


Having art in the office is a win-win! It makes the place look good, helps us think, keeps us calm, and brings us together. The next time you see a painting in the office, remember – it’s not just decoration, it’s making work better!

Atelie offers Flexible Solutions for Businesses

More and more companies are recognizing the immense value that art brings to the workplace. By engaging with Atelie, you are not only enriching your space, fostering happier and more productive employees, but also making a significant contribution to the vibrant artistic community in Norway.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Purchase or rent art

  • Purchase, lease or rent original artwork from selected artists.
  • We curate art and tailor solutions based on a company’s budget and preferences.
  • We handle shipping and installation of the artworks, which can be swapped out for different pieces after six months in the rental agreement.
  • Flexible payment options, including monthly installment plans for art purchases.

Art Commissions

  • We connect businesses with artists who can undertake projects tailored to a company's budget, values, and workplace aesthetics.
  • Site visits accompanied by the selected artist.
  • Atelie manages the administration, agreements, and ensures secure payments.

Art Consultation

Our experts has extensive experience assisting both individuals and businesses in curating and aquiring art. Get in touch for projects or inquiries. For projects, hourly rate for art consultation is 1500kr/€120/hour excl. VAT.

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