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Atelie Editions: Making Art Accessible Through Screen Printing

Andrea Scholze at Fellesverkstedet in Oslo. Photo: Åsmund Holien Mo

Atelie is driven by a vision to make quality art more accessible, effectively bridging the gap between artists and a wider audience. This vision comes to life in our Editions concept, where we collaborate with a diverse range of artists to create unique collections of limited edition screen prints.

View our Editions collection here

Reducing barriers and welcoming new art enthusiasts

Our Editions initiative is designed to lower the barriers to art ownership, reaching out to a new generation of enthusiasts and collectors. We aim to both showcase the diversity of artistic expression and encourage our artists to experiment with the screen printing technique, giving each piece a distinctive character that reflects their individual style. View our collection of Atelie Editions.

Artist Yola Maria Tsolis demonstrates innovation in her screen print series 'To All My Lovers with Escape Plans,' featuring 30 unique variations. She skillfully merges analog and digital methods with textiles. Her distinctive technique involves laser-cutting and weaving a third color into the print, producing a three-dimensional effect that highlights both her creativity and the versatility of screen printing. Photo: Marte Garmann

View Yola Maria Tsolis' Edition series

What is screen printing?

Screen printing, also known as silkscreen printing, is a technique in which ink is transferred onto a surface such as paper or fabric using a mesh screen. Each color in a design is printed using a separate screen, allowing for vibrant, multi-colored images. The technique involves a stencil on the screen to block out areas, with ink pushed through the open mesh onto the material. Widely used for its versatility and vibrant results, screen printing is popular for creating custom apparel, artwork, and various printed goods. Read our article about screen printing.

Andrea Scholze creating screen prints at Fellesverkstedet

View Andrea Scholze's Edition series

Mastering screen printing techniques

Many of the artists we work with explore screen printing for the first time, making our partnership with Fellesverkstedet in Oslo extremely valuable. They offer training and guidance, empowering artists who are keen to learn and master the technique.

Love Terins at Fellesverkstedet. Photo: Christian von Hanno

View Love Terins Edition series

Bjørn Båsen was a newcomer to screen printing when we invited him to create a Editions. His experience at Fellesverkstedet was both positive and insightful.

"Silkscreen printing has a different approach to how you create the actual motif. Fellesverkstedet is a fantastic place. Learning more about things you thought you knew, but turn out to be something else initially, is very fun." Båsen reflects.

Following the success of his initial Editions series, which sold out quickly, Båsen has created additional screen prints available on his Atelie profile.

Close up of Bjørn Båsen's screen print "Chronicles (Copenhagen)" created with four colors (CMYK)

Henrik Mikkelsgård also explored screen printing for the first time with Atelie Editions.

"Editions allowed me to discover new ways of expressing my art, making it more accessible. Growing up with posters all around me, moving to screen printing felt like a natural evolution," shares Mikkelsgård. says Mikkelsgård.

When his "Nes" series launched this fall it sold out within 24 hours.

"Nes" by Henrik Mikkelsgård

View Henrik Mikkelsgård's Edition series

A rare glimpse into the creation

A unique aspect of Atelie Editions is the documentation and in-depth insight into the production process, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of these prints. This transparency and insight into the process not only enriches the understanding of the finished product but also fosters a stronger connection between the artist and the viewer.

Javier Barrios, creating screen prints for his Edition series at Fellesverkstedet

View Javier Barrios' Edition series "Golden Age"

Fostering connections and empowering artists

By offering screen prints from contemporary artists at accessible prices, we aim not only to reduce the entry barriers to art ownership but also to ignite curiosity and cultivate a deeper appreciation for art among a wider audience.

Through Atelie Editions, artists also gain the opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also to build a stronger economic foundation for their art practice, reinforcing the art community as a whole.

Maiken Stene - Copies on a stroll, hand coloured screen print 56 × 76 cm

View Maiken Stene's Edition series

Kaja Dahl applied the screen printing technique on marble when making her Edition series "Stone on Stone"

View Kaja Dahls Edition series

Ole Fredrik Hvidsten's collection of screen prints from his Edition series "Jeanne d'Arc, you crazy braud"

View Ole Fredrik Hvidtsten's Edition series

View all of the Edition series here


  • How does Atelie select the artists to collaborate with for the Editions series?

    Typically, we select artists for collaborations based on their artistic vision, relevance to current themes or topics, and the uniqueness of their work, ensuring a diverse and appealing collection.

  • Are there specific criteria or themes that the artworks need to meet to be included in the Editions series?

    Artworks included in such series often adhere to themes that resonate with current social, cultural, or artistic trends, or they might focus on showcasing a variety of styles and techniques that highlight the versatility of screen printing.

  • What is the impact of the Editions series on the artists' careers and on the wider art community in terms of accessibility and engagement?

    Initiatives like the Editions series can significantly enhance artists' visibility, providing them with a platform to reach a wider audience. They also democratize art ownership, making it more affordable and accessible to the public, thereby fostering a greater appreciation and engagement with the art world.

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