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About us

photo of a woman visiting an artist in her art studio.

Atelie offers a curated platform to explore and acquire contemporary art, connecting you directly with professional artists, online or in their studios. All artists in Atelie has been reviewed by other artists and professionals which ensures high quality art on our platform.

Recognizing the gap between the audience and the places where art is created, we envisioned a platform where artists could seamlessly showcase and sell their artworks.

Download our app for iOS or Android. Our app lets you:

  • Discover and purchase art directly from professional artists
  • Engage with artists using our built-in messaging feature.
  • Explore ongoing exhibitions and open studios on our integrated map.
  • Bookmark your favorite artworks and follow inspiring artists.

We also offer art services for businesses. Read more about it here.

We dream of a world where art is more accessible, where artists and art lovers can easily connect, ensuring better conditions for artistic creation and enabling artists to earn a living from their art. To date, over 900 professional artists from Norway have set up an artist profile and uploaded nearly 10,000 artworks.

We're now expanding and are welcoming international artist to apply for an artist profile.

If you're an artist from Norway, apply here.

If you're an artist living and working outside of Norway, apply here.

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