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Vincent Langaard

Olje på lerret, akryl på lerret, blyant på art.

Gjørstads gate 8, 0367 Oslo, Norge

The Concept My work currently circulates notions related to authenticity and the filial sensations of semantic satiation and cognitive dissonance. The visual dialect chosen, has been tailored from an aesthetic otherwise associated with the digital spectrum, but also anachronistic references and information excess. I’m particularly inspired by Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation (1981), the Wachowski’s The Matrix (1999) the Descartian maxime “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am), technological advancements, such as deep-fakes, avatars and the uncanny valley. Similarly I am also inspired by the remarkable discoveries made in the fields of quantum mechanics and the study of black holes. The Process I mainly work at one painting at a time for several months, which is mostly due to resource limitations. I start from a sketch, which I make into a digital composition. I then make a grid system on my canvas and trace the composition from my computer. Education 2014-2017: BA Fine Art – Glasgow School of art 2013-2014: Preparatory Fine Art – Strykejernet School of art 2018: Classical Techniques Course – Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art 2012: Classical Techniques Course – Morten William Reigstad Grants and Awards Aug 2019 UNESCO World Heritage, Travel and research grant. June 2019 Pride Art, Audience favourite Sep 2014 Askim sparebank, Culture grant. Prev. exhibitions Jun. 2019 Pride Art, Oslo. Group-show: I fought therefore I am. May 2019 Galleri Nobel, Oslo. Solo-show: Introduction of Vincent Langaard Oct. 2018 Rogart Street Campus, Glasgow. Solo-show: Amour-Propre Jul. 2018 The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow. Solo-show: Amour-Propre May 2018 DOK Artist Space, Edinburgh. Solo-show: Amour-Propre Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018 Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow. Group-show: Showcase May 2016 MacLellan Galleries, Glasgow. Student Exhibition: PAT Tested Oct. 2015 Heggedal Fabrikker, Asker. FKFS Group-show, untitled. May 2015 Tontine Building, Glasgow. Student Exhibition, untitled. Aug. 2014 Ingensteds, Oslo. Solo-show: Never stop Jun. 2014 Strykejernet, Oslo. Student Exhibition, untitled Dec. 2013 Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo. Duo-Exhibition with A. E. Våge: MTOTFLS

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