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Lars Gangdal - Vingespenn

Lars Gangdal’s art is marked by a deep curiosity for both motifs and materials. His abstractions stretch from the distinctly minimalist to more maximalist forms. A razor-sharp concentration and process underlie a more stripped-down expression in his new exhibition "Vingespenn".

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 15:00

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of April from 12.00 to 16.00 Lars Gangdal will keep the exhibition open.

Contact us if you want to visit us outside regular opening hours

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The mediums include spray and oil, and the large surfaces reflect a fine balance between the constant and the intuitive. Each stroke is meticulously considered and given room to exist on the large canvases in harmony with each other.

From the exhibition "Vingespenn" by Lars Gangdal

With this series, Gangdal demonstrates how he aims to unfold his expression in new directions. Art is never static; it is dynamic, a reflection of living - existing - breathing. Art is meant to push us, make us think, and open our eyes to new perspectives.

This series precisely mirrors this concept. The extensive wingspan becomes a transparent reflection of creation and life. Empty oil tubes and spray cans are left behind in the studio, leaving us with a series of textured, pure, and innovative works.

From Lars Gangdals art studio in Oslo

Lars Gangdal's diverse portfolio, including numerous exhibitions across Oslo and collaborations with notable entities like Peugeot, underscores his role as a versatile and forward-thinking artist in the art community.

Download the list of works

The exhibition will take place in our new popup space beside our current gallery at Via Vika, Ruseløkkveien 30.

Visit us in Via Vika, Ruseløkkveien 26 & 30

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