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Atelie Studio: Revitalizing Art in Via Vika

Artworks by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen in Atelie Studio. Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld

Atelie Studio is a new art and cultural scene in Via Vika, Oslo, offering a dynamic exhibition space that brings to light artworks otherwise stored in artists' studios.

Traditionally, the art world often expects artists to produce new works for every exhibition. This cycle can result in artworks being displayed for only a short period before being returned to storage, rarely seen again. Selling all exhibited works within a brief exhibition period can also be challenging.

Atelie Studio addresses this issue by giving stored works new life, presenting them in a manner that promotes extended contemplation and appreciation. Over time new artists will interact and overlap with established ones, creating a dynamic dialogue between different artistic voices.

Unpacking artworks by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen in Atelie Studio

By allowing artists to showcase a broader range of their creations, the studio fosters a deeper understanding of their artistic journeys. This approach not only provides a new context for stored works but also highlights diverse artistic practices and their evolution over time, encouraging a prolonged engagement and reflection from the audience.

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen, Hans Magnus Kårstad, Jan Christensen and Veronica Lund curating works in Atelie Studio

"Wildstyle" with Gunvor Nervold Antonsen

The inaugural presentation at Atelie Studio features the renowned artist Gunvor Nervold Antonsen, displaying a collection of her works created between 2013 and 2019. Curated by the versatile artist Jan Christensen, this presentation aims to make the artistic processes and developments transparent to the public. Over the next few months, additional artists will be integrated into the space, fostering a continuous and evolving dialogue. This interaction not only highlights the evolution of individual artists but also enriches the viewer’s experience by offering a multifaceted view of contemporary art

Works by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen on display at Atelie Studio. Photo: Hanne Jones Solfeld

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen (b. 1974) is educated at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and resides in Rollag, Numedal. Her works have been previously exhibited at Trondheim Art Museum, Kunstnerforbundet, Kunsthall Stavanger, Lillehammer Art Museum, Vigeland Museum, Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall and Kusntnernes Hus. She is represented in the National Museum, KODE, Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Norges Bank, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has completed public commissions for KORO, among others.

Arworks by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen on display at Atelie Studio. Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld

Nervold Antonsen has also engaged in the social and political role of textile art. As chair of the Norwegian Textile Artists (2006-2009), she helped establish the SOFT gallery, and in 2017, she summarized the history of Norwegian textile art in the long poem "Ode til en vaskeklut, hymne til en tiger" for the 40th anniversary of the Norwegian Textile Artists. Nervold Antonsen has published books and publications in collaboration with other authors, and in 2019, she released her poetry collection "Vi er margen" in connection with the Lorck Schive Art Prize exhibition at Trondheim Art Museum.

Wooden sculpures by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen on display at Atelie Studio.

Her artistry has long been a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of contemporary art. With a career marked by innovative installations and a deep engagement with materiality and narrative, her work continues to inspire and challenge audiences. Now, through Atelie Studio, Antonsen's vision is set to expand even further, providing a fresh and dynamic space for artists to showcase their creations.

Artworks by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen on display at Atelie Studio. Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld

By challenging conventional exhibition norms and fostering a deeper understanding of artistic processes, Atelie Studio promises to be a dynamic and influential space, one that encourages both artists and audiences to explore and appreciate the breadth and depth of artistic expression.

Located just across from the National Museum, our space serves as a hub for exhibitions, meet-ups, workshops, and art talks. This environment nurtures a community where artists and art enthusiasts can meet, connect, and find inspiration.

Atelie is dedicated to bringing people together, fostering the growth of our vibrant community, and creating more opportunities for artists. You are all warmly invited to visit our new art space to experience a wide range of art from selected artists in person.

Outside Atelie Studio in Via Vika

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