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Esra Duzen

b. 1983, (Istanbul), Oslo/ NO. Esra Duzen is an artist based in Oslo who works across drawing, performance, textile, installation and sound. She holds BFA from Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. Her practice is based on continuous reinterpretation of our human experiences through modes of storytelling, symbolism and myth making. She mostly visualises of a constant struggle and a way out of the "architecture" be it domestic or mental. Through this subversion of reality she tries to create a visual image of an inner micro perspective and flexibility to shift between the micro and the macro experiences.   Esra performs in cartoony handmade costumes, with handmade scenographic elements and soft handmade toys. Especially in her performances and drawings she uses humour to create discomfort and absurdity.  Esra's works are exhibited in various platforms from Coast Contemporary to Oslo Comics Anthology - Forresten, while her performances also take place in exhibition spaces, theatre hall and public spaces. Selection of her works in different mediums can be found on her website.

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