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Artist recommendations by Nellie Jonsson

Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld / Atelie

We recently visited the studio of Nellie Jonsson, a distinguished Swedish artist known for transforming everyday scenes into captivating works of art. During our visit, she also shared her personal recommendations of fellow artists on Atelie.

Nellie Jonsson, born in 1992 in Umeå, Sweden, is an artist whose work is as much about the act of creation as it is about the finished objects themselves. Graduating from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in material-based art, Jonsson has meticulously honed her skills in ceramics, painting, and sculpture. Her artworks stand out in the way they transform everyday objects and situations into whimsical expressions of daily life, often wrapped in a visual language rich with caricature and commentary.

Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld / Atelie

Jonsson’s creations do more than just capture the viewer’s eye; they invite onlookers to delve into a world where ordinary objects tell extraordinary stories. Her pieces often reference consumer culture and the unnoticed details of domestic life, crafting narratives from the mundane artifacts that fill our homes and lives.

Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld / Atelie

In a recent episode of the art podcast "Kunstpraten," Jonsson discussed her artistic journey, her inspirations from food culture and social media, and her current exhibition, "Bomba Fragola," on display at SKOG Art Space until June 2, 2024.

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Here are three artists Nellie recommends you to check out on Atelie:

Kristian Hagerup

"Kristian Hagerup is a skilled artist who works with oil painting, where he combines figurative elements in a way that diminishes the recognizable and makes it operate more abstractly. This creates a kind of intensity in his images, where photorealistic forms and textures are presented in unusual situations and transformed into something more mysterious."

Nude with intrusive pink square
Kristian Hagerup - Akt med påtrengende rosa firkant, 2023, Oil on canvas, 40×60cm

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Helen Hausland

"Helen Hausland is a ceramist who makes incredible sculptures and wall-hung works in ceramics. Her artwork radiates a kind of calm, which I think is due to the repetitive technique she uses in her process, giving her artworks a rhythmic quality."

Helen Hausland - Danser, 2021, hand-modeled stoneware, glaze, 37×49cm

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Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse

"Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse is a somewhat different artist than what one might usually encounter on a platform like He works in many different media, and from him, one can therefore buy both a cassette tape or a small kiosk novel. I think it's fun and important to expose oneself to the idea that art can come in more forms than the traditional ones."

Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse Vegan Music – (OoO) Objectoriented Ontology – kassett, 2022

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