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Journalist Christina Skreiberg recommends artists

Foto: Sara Angelica Spilling
Foto: Sara Angelica Spilling

Christina Skreiberg (b. 1981) is a journalist who has interviewed numerous artists for Norwegian and international media. She runs Frilanslivet, an interview podcast for those working independently in media, art, and cultural industries. Additionally, she operates Lysløypa, an alternative dining, culture, and experience guide to Oslo and Bergen.

Her home reflects her interest in art; Christina has several Norwegian artists on her walls. Here are some artists she recommends on Atelie:

Charlotte Rostad

Kameleonaktig, pencil and color-pencil on paper, 123×171×7 cm, 2019.

I'm a big fan of the pencil drawings by artist Charlotte Rostad. Detailed and often in large formats, like this self-portrait, approximately 120x170. One is lucky to have Charlotte on their wall!

Her drawings are often of human and quite intimate subjects. Toes and soles with wrinkles. A slightly chubby belly covered in thin hairs.

Check out Charlottes Atelie profile

Moreover, when Charlotte lived in Trondheim, she ran the artist-driven exhibition space Rake Visningsrom, where she curated several exhibitions. A passionate enthusiast!

I had the pleasure of interviewing her when I visited Trondheim a few years ago. In episode 38 of Frilanslivet, Charlotte talks about being a practitioner and also curating other artists' work, how she handles expectations related to her own exhibitions, and much more! Listen here.

Regine Stensæth Josefsen

Solveig tøyer grensene, acrylic on cardboard, 14x21 cm, 2021.

Thanks to Atelier, I've discovered Regine's pictures! I love the use of color and the slightly humorous everyday situations, that everything is a bit "odd" in a beautiful way. And I especially like this work because throwing your legs behind your head is one of my life's big goals. Just kidding. Maybe. Yes.

Also, note the titles of the works; Solveig stretches boundaries (this), Sad on the toilet, Øyvind at Granca, Floating corgi, Cheese pop fingers. Situations most of us can relate to.

I'm putting Regine on my wish list and look forward to keeping an eye on her going forward.

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Karoline Hjorth

Eyes as Big as Plates # Velkkari (Finland), photography, 5ox60 cm, 2012.

Karoline Hjort's pictures bring a delightful smile to my face. They make me happy!

For nearly 15 years, she has worked on the long-term art project 'Eyes as Big as Plates' with the Finnish artist Riitta Ikonen. Together, they photograph elderly people, but before they are photographed, they are camouflaged in elements from their surroundings. Fantastic.

The pictures have a lovely subtle humor. They are so well thought out. Most of the effort lies in the planning. Finding the person, place, and camouflage. Creating the scene – they have traveled around the world. Then taking the picture. I've loved this series since the beginning. And I love how two people can find each other and embrace the same quirky and wonderful idea, collaborating over such a long time.

They talk about it in my conversation with them in Frilanslivet's podcast episode 108. Listen here.

Check out Karoline Hjort´s Atelie profile

Check out the pictures, and please enjoy the smile on your face!

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