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Artist recommendations by Kristin Sæterdal

Kristin Sæterdal. Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld

Kristin Tinsa Sæterdal is a master of tapestry, creating works with motifs inspired by science fiction and computer games. Her pieces often depict dystopian landscapes, explosions, or control rooms. Each work is meticulously constructed thread by thread, creating a unique tension between the ancient technique of weaving and the futuristic themes of her subjects. In addition to her own remarkable work, Sæterdal also highlights and recommends fellow artists on Atelie, bringing attention to a diverse range of creative talents.

"I make tapestries with motifs inspired by sci-fi scenography and computer games. I seek to express archetypal human situations and states of mind. My works comment on various aspects of contemporary society. For instance, is technology our new religion? Can it save humanity from environmental catastrophe?"

Kristin at her art studio. Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld

Kristin Tinsa Sæterdal graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 1988. She also studied at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts and spent two years studying tapestry at Oslo University College. Her career as a textile artist began in 2004 when she was selected to participate in Norway’s Annual Autumn Exhibition. She has since held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many juried group shows worldwide. Her works are collected by prestigious institutions such as the Nordenfjeldske Art and Craft Museum and The National Museum.

Photo: Hanne Jones Solfjeld

Here are Sæterdal’s recommendations of fellow artists on Atelie:

Morten Jensen Vågen - Lean Stack

"I am fascinated by the visual appeal of heaps of things and am currently working on a tapestry featuring a garbage heap. Morten Jensen Vågen's ability to recreate everyday items and assemble them in new ways in his sculptures is inspiring. He is a skilled craftsman with a great sense of humor, continuing the tradition of elevating everyday objects to sublime art. Despite his seemingly straightforward recreations, he has a unique style and language."

Morten Jensen Vågen - Lean Stack, 2021, 43×65×47cm

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Kjærsti Austdal - "Terra Fabrile"

"Performing a poetic text by forcefully engaging a keyboard was both cool and humorous. The keyboard, an object we use daily, becomes meaningful art. I have also used old computer screens in my works, focusing on technology and surveillance. It's exciting when familiar objects take on new meanings. The title 'Terra Fabrile' is poetically mysterious and fascinating."

Kjersti Austdal -Terra Fabrile, 2023, Lamp/sculpture made of circuit boards and an older brass lamp base

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Hege Liseth - "Revne"

"As a tapestry artist, I constantly deal with the concept of 'to weave is to live' and the numerous metaphors for weaving in our culture. Liseth's work 'Revne' is liberating and expressive within this context. The unraveling of the weave and even the warp, which is the backbone of the tapestry, is dramatically subtle. The threads are free to move as they wish, yet they are out of place and perhaps lose their meaning."

Hege Liseth - Revne, 2021, 18x24, etching, intaglio, drypoint - printed on Hahnemühle 230-gram intaglio paper

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Daniel Paida Larsen - Kun det som er viktig blir igjen

"It's interesting to see how artists on Atelie curate their pages. Some use Atelie as a storage space for works that have finished circulating in exhibitions, while others create collections and curate their pages to present a cohesive whole. I enjoy browsing Atelie aimlessly until something catches my eye. Today's highlight was Daniel Paida Larsen. Perhaps it's because I'm about to go on a long hike, but the compass work resonated with me. His other works, like the compost and cigarette butt images, alongside minimalist architectural photos, create a compelling mix."

Daniel Paida Larsen - Kun det som er viktig blir igjen, 2014, 29 × 22 cm

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