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Rasmus Stride - A Fusion of Technology and Art

Rasmus Stride is a diverse artist who bridges the gap between the digital and the tangible world, establishing himself as a notable figure in the contemporary art scene. A selection of Stride’s distinctive vases is now available on Atelie and displayed at our art space in VIA Vika!

Born in 1990 in Denmark, Rasmus now lives and works in Oslo. his work has been featured in prestigious venues such as Kunsthall Oslo, Galleri Kösk, Nasjonalmuseet, Kunstmuseum Bern, and Aros Museum of Contemporary Art. Additionally, Rasmus has been highlighted in both local and international magazines and websites such as D2, OBOS Bladet, Dezeen, and Forbes.

Posterity 1 & 2 (The Pompeii analogy 1 & 2)

Stride believes in creating inspiring spaces without sacrificing ethical considerations towards people and the environment. By employing 3D printing technology his creations, particularly the vases, embody the essence of locally-sourced, sustainable products. The slected material is derived from a biological source, mostly corn, and can change if exposed to high heat and moisture over longer periods of time. Each vase is unique, and produced locally in Oslo by the artist.

Stride’s profound expertise in digital art, paired with his ability to seamlessly intertwine the digital with the physical, allows his artworks to inhabit a space of resonance and universal appeal. His work invites people to experience a smooth blend of technology and art, all created with a strong focus on sustainability and responsibility.

From the left: Pink (1200kr), Gul (1200kr), Lilla (1200kr)

We're thrilled to announce that a selection of Rasmus’ unique sculptures is now available on Atelie.

These unique pieces also serve as meaningful gifts for businesses looking to offer something special to their employees. Rasmus also offers the option for personal messages on his creations.

Availability is limited due to the exclusive nature of the production, so consider reaching out soon to hello@atelie.art / +47 92 44 59 51 if you're interested.

From the left: Berget (850kr), Venus av Oslo (950kr), Rillet (950kr), Korall (850kr)

A selection of Rasmus' vases are also displayed and available for purchase in our art space in VIA Vika, Ruseløkkveien 30 in Oslo. We're open 10-15:00 during weekdays (contact us for visits outside opening hours)

View more of Rasmus' works on his Atelie profile

Also check out his website and make sure to follow him on Instagram.

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