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Broadening Our Canvas - Expanding to Europe

Kari visiting Ane Barstad Solvangs studio in Oslo. Photo: Pernille Müster

At Atelie, our dedication has always been to bridge the gap between artists and those who appreciate their work, bringing to light the remarkable art that often remains hidden in studios. Having concentrated on the Norwegian market, we're now eager to introduce our artists to a global audience, while also warmly welcoming international artists to the platform.

Creating the Ideal Environment for Artists

Our foremost objective is to provide artists with the optimal conditions to flourish while also ensuring that art becomes more accessible to enthusiasts everywhere. At Atelie, we understand the struggles and challenges artists often face in gaining visibility and finding a platform where they can express and monetize their creativity. Our platform not only gives artists a space where their work can be seen and appreciated by a wider audience but also ensures they are compensated fairly for their talent and hard work.

Javier Barrios working on new pieces for his 'Golden Age' series. Photo: Christian von Hanno

Commitment to Quality

By carefully curating the artists and their work, we also offer art lovers a place where they can discover, appreciate, and invest in genuine, high-quality artworks. This dedication to quality has proven successful, with over 800 artists from Norway establishing profiles and sharing nearly 9,000 artworks on Atelie, creating a vibrant and supportive community.

Global Reach

We recognize that all the great art and artists on our platform have the potential to resonate globally. That's why we're taking a significant step forward and expanding our reach beyond Norway and into Europe

To facilitate our growth and embrace an international audience, our communications will primarily be in English from now on. Furthermore, pricing will be available in both Norwegian kroner and euros. This ensures that a broader audience can engage with, appreciate, and purchase the stunning artworks displayed on Atelie with ease.

Andrea Scholze

Beyond Expansion

The expansion signifies more than just growth; it’s about amplifying the voices of our talented Norwegian artists on a global stage while also extending a warm welcome to international artists. Join us in this exciting journey, where we continue to forge connections between artists and enthusiasts, now across borders.

Co-founder and CEO, Christian von Hanno and Communication and artist relations manager, Kari Ane Golf

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