Slice of Life, Sourdough Mother - Atelie

Slice of Life, Sourdough Mother

Size14 × 19 cm
  • Kunstnerbøker
  • Digital
  • Photography
Slice of Life, Sourdough Mother Hand-bound artist book Edition of fifty 'Jordmor' is the Norwegian term for ‘birth mother.’ Breaking the word into its parts, jord (soil) and mor(mother) directly translates into ‘Earth-Mother’. I like the image that this conjures, of a body that is carried and borne by an entity that is both woman and land, the two inextricably mixed. The very existence of this word, I would argue, is telling of the ways a body longs for (or is expected to have) a connection to land. In Slice of Life, Sourdough Mother, I contemplate this melding of body and earth through the process of leavening a sourdough with wild yeast. Slices in the pages allow for a zooming-in on bio-like imagery througout the book, as it unfolds in an exploration of filiation and the assumption of purity. Text and book design by Gabrielle Paré. Price includes postage.

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