Growth of the Soil - Atelie

Size14.8 × 21 cm
  • Kunstnerbøker
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Prints
Growth of the Soil Poem Books Vol. 01 This book holds one poem titled "Growth of the Soil" which invokes Knut Hamsun's classic novel of the same name. This risograph-printed volume features images of dust, skin and botanical drawings. The poem reflects on the determination of migrants and the connection a body forges with land. One hundred copies of this book have been produced in this edition, all of which are dated, numbered and signed. This book was printed with the assistance of Vibeke O'Rourke and the Publiseringsverkstedet at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Poem and book design by Gabrielle Paré. Price includes postage.

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