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qi tan

3d animation, illustration, installation

My artistic practice focuses on using plants and natural objects as a metaphor to reflect personal anxiety and uncertainty in narrative way. I work interdisciplinary with video, installation and illustration. Metaphor play a similar significant role in my work as it does in Pablo Neruda's poems. With a background in linguistic and literature, metaphor is my tool to help me create and understand things. Orange blossoms is a metaphor for homesickness; mountains is a metaphor for my grandma; gardens is a metaphor for joy and freedom; and butterflies is a metaphor for devoted love. All of these metaphors in my work contributes to a personal world: about dream, myth, existence, and nostalgia. Meanwhile, my works are inseparable from my life experience, from my anxiety and sensitivity. They have soaked in the subtle poetic nostalgia from my life experience. After I moved to Norway, the nature has deeply influenced my artist practice. I am fascinated with plants and natural objects and involve them in my work. During my stay in KHIO, natural objects were used to express my personal emotions and stories. However, after graduation, I started to explore with the human-centric view dominating the Western ideology and want to know the essence of nature. Inspired by Chinese artist Lu Yang, I explore themes and formats that combine traditional mythology and spirituality culture together with contemporary digital media. Through the medium of video, installation and illustration, I combined the opposites: the old content and the new media, and the superstition and the science, to reflect personal anxiety and uncertainty in a narrative way. With a fascination with natural objects, my work bridges the scientific and technological with aesthetics drawn from traditional mythology and pop culture like Japanese manga, creating visions of personal anxiety and uncertainty.

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