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Joackim Schou Dahle

Kirkeveien 2, 2830 Raufoss, Norway

welcome to my world Joackim Schou Dahle Works professionally with visual art and has for many years made a name for himself in the abstract universe. His images are characterized by organic forms that interact in different transitions where texture, structure and denominations meet in a dynamic way. Nature is a big part of his inspiration for several years and this is well reflected in his pictures. His working method in a process is often linked to the intuitive way of building images, but at the same time he has a great understanding of being able to create an image based on his approach. This is more about experience over several years where he has tried a number of different styles. The sum of this is reflected in his pictures both in terms of expression and at the same time he is very concerned with uniqueness where the pictures should convey personality. This he places great emphasis on as he believes that good art is independent of styles and trends. Color knowledge is one of the main focus of his images. The immediate unrecognizable expression extends far in the way the images are created. This is processed through long processes and sketches of different stages where the images are created. He often works with several images at the same time because the creative part can then have a greater range through a painting process. This gives him enormous freedom from beginning to end. One of his sources of inspiration is also music that is of great importance in his pictorial world. Music conveys in the same way as art and he also tries to convey this in his expressions which are combined with nature's input in its entirety. For many years, our Norwegian Jazz musician Nils Petter Molvær has been a great source of inspiration. After thousands of hours of listening, his music has become an important part of his communication skills. His painting process can be defined from several different design languages ​​through different techniques that interact with each other through a long journey during a process. This helps to create an underlying phenomenon that makes his images unique and professional at the same time. In terms of expression, he is looking for a design language in painting where he wants to create a connection between organic expression and color interaction. Norwegian nature also has an important role in his paintings where the transitions in the picturesque are of great importance as nature is, therefore he has a close connection to local nature and hidden details you do not see with the naked eye. Norway is filled with beautiful mysterious nature in all types of colors where green dominates the image and he has used this as a starting point as green is the common thread in his images. He wants to convey the natural from nature where different elements are exaggerated into organic forms that merge into a dynamic whole. The expression then becomes a more visible element from nature that you might not want to see with the naked eye on a daily basis. This triggers the curiosity of the viewer and not least the artist, because he is about seeing something that is not there on a daily basis but still has the ability to transfer it to a canvas. Color study for me has had a great impact on my development. In 2019, I started working on a project where the starting point was to use only one color in my photos, the choice was green which is one of my favorite colors. The goal of this project is to get to know colors through various processes where green dominates. Green has an infinity of denominations in it that I want to explore and at the same time see the possibilities in being able to create a work with limited funds. During the studies, the focus has also been to continue to immerse myself in the organic world where nature will be a natural part of my development and inspiration as I have done for the past 20 years. The purpose of a limited use of color is to create a different approach to my works and at the same time become more aware of my use of color. The colors The immersion universe is a big theme I want to have more control over so that I can adapt the different elements in my images in a more clear way through different processes. For me, it's about having control over how I work through the different phases of a painting. Organic forms that are created in nature over several thousand years are timeless, it is this expression I strive to achieve and it is then important to both have a certain control that slides into the uncontrolled. This is where the balance comes in between two opposite poles that will work in one plant by education, I have been a student at the art school in Rogaland and the humanities academy Nansen School in lillehammer. at both schools I focused on abstract painting and graphics. Ønsker du å besøke atelieret mitt tar jeg gjerne i mot besøk

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