Holes [Special Edition] - Atelie

Size10.9 × 19.6 × 11 cm
  • Kunstnerbøker
  • Photography
  • Keramikk
  • Sculpture
Brick, book, stainless steel rods and nuts Signed and numbered 2/8 Edition of 1/1—8/8 This collector’s edition of «Holes»—consisting of the second printing of the second edition—was released on the occasion of «Inexistent Books», a project first shown at Schaulager in Basel, organized by Jan Steinbach in 2020. Due to an argument with the printer, all the books from this edition were destroyed, except some copies rescued by the artist. The special edition was made by bolting one of the recovered books to a brick taken from the demolition site of the print house, thus commenting on the sudden inexistence of both entities and forever forcing them together.

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