The Enchanted Castle - Atelie

The Enchanted Castle

The artwork is unavailable for sale

Size155 × 267 × 1 cm
  • Textile
My works are imaginative, blending Lithuanian fairy tales with William Blake's poetry. Like Blake's poetic universe, I create my own through weaving. A key aspect of my work is using artificial intelligence (AI) as a creative partner. I'm driven by innovation, combining algorithms with textile crafts. I feed the AI images of my handwoven pieces, asking it to make them resemble 16th-century Gobelin tapestries. The results are enchanting and disturbing, challenging traditional perceptions. If I materialize what the algorithms produce, what role does the machine play? AI generates new patterns inspired by historical textiles, challenging ideas of originality and authenticity. This extends to 3D-printed weave structures that resemble future city models or advanced computer chips. The 3D forms are traceable in the woven textiles. This fusion of tradition and innovation is central to my artistic research, where magic arises from the encounter between ancient crafts and new technology. The work is created using my own imagery of bindings and weavings on industrial jacquard loom. Woven by mysef.

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