Bristningar (photo book) - Atelie

Bristningar (photo book)

Size31 × 22 × 3 cm
  • Artist's book
  • Photography
Photo book published by the Swedish publishing house Journal 86 colour and b/w images • Text and images by Katinka Goldberg • Drawings and paintings: Stickan Lundgren • Design: Jan Rosseel • Editing: Jan Rosseel, Katinka Goldberg • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Hard cover • 152 pages • Swedish/English • ISBN 978-91-87939-58-7 • Diploma in Swedish Book Art Award 2021, the National Library of Sweden. Awarded Gold in the category ”Photo Book/Art Book”, Årets vakreste Bøker (This Year's Most Beautiful Books) in Norway 2022.

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