#354 Even Better - Atelie

#354 Even Better

Includes 5% art tax

Size64 × 84 × 5 cm
  • Painting
The series simply consists of works where half the surface is grey and half white. This is achieved by dividing a wooden board of the same size as the work in half. One part is used to create a template for the composition. The board can be further divided. As long as all pieces are used, a 50% distribution of the surface between white and grey is guaranteed. For the second batch in the Fifty-Fifty series, I cut the board in half on the longest side and then, for every new work in the batch, I continued to cut every piece in two with curved lines, using a jigsaw. The disparity between different groups in society is growing. The global resources are obscenely unevenly distributed. This is not only unethical, but it is also an obstacle to democracy and inclusion. Reversing the trend and creating a more equal distribution globally and locally is imperative if we value freedom and meaningful life for all. Equality is a complex concept. We are all unique. A distribution based on equity regarding our differences is a difficult task. Perhaps it is better to start from the principle of all human beings equal value. I.e., a strict and measurable similarity in the distribution of financial resources. It will not be fair in itself, but create a good foundation for this.

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