#356-67 Ellipse Pace (Arches) - Atelie

#356-67 Ellipse Pace (Arches)

Includes 5% art tax

Size252 × 256 × 5 cm
  • Painting
256x252 cm (64x84 cm each panel) | Filler, oak frames About I did this work by pacing a large ellipse over twelve panels. See a video of the whole performative production event on my Youtube channel. The work can be installed in multiple ways. When mounted as it was produced, the title is #356-67 Ellipse Pace. Ellipse is the shape of the orbit of celestial bodies. The speed is faster where gravity is stronger and slower at the ends. It is a bit like a swing that comes to a complete stop at its highest until it turns and returns towards the ground. It can be an image of human development, not in a steady circular pace, but with intense and turbulent periods followed by slower and prolonged. This is also how capitalism works. Internal contradictions slowly build up a tension that releases in abrupt crises. Different remedies are introduced to keep the system on track, and a new orbit begins. But these turning moments can also be opportunities to change the system more profoundly. At the tipping point, the slightest push can have a heavy impact. They bear the possibility to be a gateway, an opening to something new.

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