#313-316 Circle Walk - Atelie

#313-316 Circle Walk

Includes 5% art tax

Size150 × 150 × 5 cm
  • Painting
150x150 cm | 4 panels/84x64 cm each | Filler, oak frames About I did this work by walking 99 turns in a circle over 4 panels placed on the floor in an interlocking square spiral shape wearing clogs. See a video of the complete performative production event here. Walking in circles is a form of meditation and an essential component of Bagua Zhang, one of China's three martial arts. You walk in circles to empty the mind and thus escape the closed circuit of subjectivity. In the middle of this work, there is a void that hides the centre of the two depicted circles. One can perceive the hidden - or missing - spot as an image of the subject's primordial desire, the unattainable truth about itself, around which the subject creates its identity. Walking in circles is also an expression of being lost, of not knowing the way forward, from one's place or state. I used a pair of plastic clogs when I made the piece to connect it to the working class. Thus, the work can refer to the famous 99 percents lack of insight into its position in the economic conditions of production - what is called class-consciousness. But through the repetition present in the work, the individual footprints have merged into two rings and thus created a kind of track or a path. Which, in turn, can be perceived as an expression of building the road by walking it.

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