Be Patient - Atelie

Size140 × 193 × 1 cm
  • Annet
  • Skulptur
Be Patient - installation of -barbed wire The inspiration behind this installation is a rejection letter from The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration on Shwan Dler Qaradaki´s application for residence permit after living 10 years-legally in Norway. He has “translated” the letter and used barbed wire in a way that it can be “read” like a page in an official letter. He cut the barbed wire with pliers into different sizes in accordance with the words from the actual letter. Afterwards he put together the lines by using nails and the barbed wire. He placed the barbed wire upon the nails and matched the spacing between the “words” to the actual letter. In addition a sound file is played along the installation. The sound file is a recording from the answering machine at The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration saying the following in Norwegian: Du er fortsatt i kø, men vi vil hjelpe deg så snart vi kan (You are still in line, please hold, we will help you as soon as possible.)

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