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Postcard from my last daydream

The artwork is unavailable for sale

Size16 × 9 × 1 cm
  • Digital
  • Other
Limited edition 3D videowork 1/1 available as NFT Video loop Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain Comes with exhibition length version Like many others, I have done very little traveling during the last two years. 3D animations have offered me my only ability to conjure surreal spaces out of this world and this time. This work blends outdoor and indoor details, referencing Middle Eastern architectural style. The pastel hued elements blend into a dreamy and utopian snapshot from somewhere far away. The work comes with it's own certificate of authenticity (NFT) registered on the Ethereum blockchain. In order for the buyer to receive the NFT, a digital wallet is required. The artist can assist the buyer in requiring a digital wallet if needed. **What is an NFT? NFT stands for "non fungible token" and is a term for art which is bought and sold with Crypto currency. An NFT is a digital proof of ownership which is stored on the blockchain. The NFT is an immutable and traceable certificate of ownership that prevents forgery. **Why ETHEREUM? The ethereum blockchain is the most secure and widely adopted blockchain for art at the moment. Link to NFT:

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