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Candy Shop - Minors Only

Includes 5% art tax

Size30 × 90 × 35 cm
  • Keramikk
  • Sculpture
Installation of two dolls made in high-fired porcelain with glazed and handpainted face. Accompanied with 5 torsos with different outfits. The dolls are copies of real dolls, sold in a toy shop in Oslo. The work is commeting on sexualization of young girls and tweens in the mass media, and questioning whether we are at ease with this influense. Read all about the project at my webpage: The size of the doll standing up is 90 cm, pole 140 cm, stage 50 cm. (Body with head 40 cm, torso 30 cm, legs 50 cm each) Prize for installation 59000,- Red Doll 27.000,- (with pole and stage), Blue Doll 25.000,- , Torso with outfit 3000,- each.

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