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Benjamin Siegenthaler

painting sculpture

Svøovegen, 3560 Hemsedal, Norway

My name is Benjamin. I was born in 1979 in Horn, Austria, and grew up in the countryside of Switzerland with vast landscapes. As a young man I moved to Zürich, where the view of the horizon is easily lost amid the avalanche of distracting city details. My art similarly travels between two poles: between spacious installations and intricate paintings; between raw sculptures and witty collages. Currently I continue my work in Hemsedal, Norway. Since my education as a stone sculptor, I have carried around a sketchbook filled with small, abstract drawings that capture how I view the world. Like sifting soil to find gold, my work process starts with going through this sketchbook to pull out any nuggets of inspiration, which become the subjects of my creative vision. To bring life to this vision, I use conventional, easily obtainable materials and work in a meticulously planned manner, always with an eye for detail. The results are abstract pieces that simultaneously celebrate contrast and harmony, tension and resolve—all by accentuating often-forgotten forms in everyday life.

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