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L'eie - rent to own art

With L'eie you can rent an artwork by paying 10% of it's value, until you eventually own the piece.

For many art lovers, price and uncertainty make buying art a challenge. If you're interested in art from professional artists, the cost can often exceed your budget. Plus, it's not always easy to know if a piece will fit your home.

L'eie solves these issues by allowing you to lease art at a low monthly cost. As you make payments, you'll gredually become the owner. No interest is added, and if the piece doesn't suit your taste, you can return it during the lease period. Selected artworks are available for L'eie at atelie.art/editions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What artworks are available for L'eie?

Currently, we offer specific artworks for L'eie at atelie.art/editions. Look for the L'eie button. Please note that framed artworks take longer to deliver.

How is the artwork delivered?

You can pick up the artwork from our gallery space at Gras in Kristian Augusts Gate. We can also arrange delivery, with details sorted when you place an order. Have questions? Email us at hello@atelie.art.

How do I pay?

Make payments through Stripe, deducting the rental fee from your payment card during checkout. The first payment occurs after artwork delivery. The monthly fee covers a 5% art tax.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, the agreement lasts until:

A. You've paid the artwork's full value (including the 5% art tax) via one or more payments, making you the owner.

B. You end the agreement and returning the artwork to Atelie. If you cancel before full payment, 25% VAT of Atelie's commission fee will be added to the last payment (Norwegian tax rules)

What if the artwork is damaged?

You're responsible for checking the artwork upon delivery for any visible damage. Report any damage or issues to Atelier immediately, with pictures if possible.

What if the artwork gets damaged during the lease?

Ensure the artwork is safe during the lease to prevent damage or loss. You're financially liable for any damage while it's in your possession. If damage occurs during the lease, inform Atelier right away.

Do artists get paid?

Absolutely. Atelie acts as a bridge, earning up to 50% commission on sales or rentals. The artist receives the rest via Stripe. Atelier also manages the 5% art tax if the artwork is sold through L'eie.

Can businesses use L'eie?

Yes, L'eie is ideal for businesses. Research shows art in the workplace boosts employee satisfaction, health, and productivity. With Atelie, you support local artists while enhancing your workplace.

Questions? Reach out to hello@atelie.art.

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