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Desert Garden

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Størrelse1000 × 1000 × 1000 cm
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Since 2012, I have started collecting information on desert plants and their potential use by First Nations, desert inhabitants and migrants: nutritional, medicinal, magical. In Desert Garden, the result is a collection of desert seeds and plants from which knowledge remains incomplete. I use desert landscapes as a physical and mental space of reflexion. A ground in constant metamorphosis that I consider being an archive of all beginnings, times and action. Sahara, Chihuahua or Gobi share the same definition of dry and empty lands. It is in these “waste” and “abandoned” lands that I collect these samples. The plants and seeds are unclassified, yet hinting to the scientific tradition inherited by Linné, forefather of scientific racism. The installation is accompanied by the sound piece "Flower of Stone", a recording of the Rose of Jericho, opening and closing again.

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