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Anne Ingeborg Biringvad

I started my carrier as a painter in the beginning of the 90-s and has since developed a practice to embrace painting, sculpture, installations and textile collage. One of the aspects of using the materials of the folklore is to visualize a common language between cultures across borders. By showing similarities instead of focusing on differences i hope to create communication through art world wide. My work often refers to history, the use of ancient craft traditions in various cultures and how these correspond with the Norwegian traditions. The installations therefore often contain and comment on contemporary themes like migration, religion, or the position of the arts in our daily lives. My metod of combinding the different objects makes the installation a multi-layered collage, that sends an echo to the time when the items in the installation were produced and then back to the present. These familiar items connected to a domestic culture heritage, open up for reflection upon history versus the contemporary, the use of ancient craft traditions and their role in society, our collective memory and values of today. 2017 I launched an artist book "Liturgy" with lyrics by Phd. Sissel Gunnerød, author Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold and art critic Lars Elton. The book presents 5 years artwork. The productions were showen at TSSK, BOA, LNM, NNKS, ØKS, Galleri Semmingsen, RAM Galleri, Supermarked, Stockholm Art Fair 2017. The book was supported by the Norwegian art Council.


Noreveien 24, 0379 Oslo, Norge
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